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Sienna’s Grooming Services and Products in San Diego, CA provides nutrition products and relaxing grooming services for your lovely pet. When it comes to health and beauty your animal companion deserves as much care as yourself. We also offer dog walking and dog sleepovers. You can trust the care of your pets to me whenever you need to go out of town. As a Animal lover and dog parent with two beautiful kids Sienna and Mako its important that they get the best care. Build the trust on who is going to take care of your pets when you are working .Don't worry I would love them and make sure they get enough exercise at dog Beach Adventures at fiesta !

All Natural Holistic products

Just as you watch what you eat, you must also take care of what you feed to your pet. Make sure your companion grows up healthy and strong through our pet foods.

Vitamins & Nutritional holistic products

As a Independant petpro for Pawtree We all know proper Nutrition is very important for Vibrant happy and healthy lives for our pets and no two pets Nutritional needs are the same. It all starts with quality ingredients to develop products with one purpose to make a difference in the lives of pets and their people. We don't just feed our pets we nurture them with quality Nutrition customized to meet their individual needs and that's a promise !

Mobile Grooming

No time to have your pet groomed or don't have anytime to Drive to your groomer because you are just to busy Then leave it to me I can drop by your location and groom your pet there. Just give me a call and I will make your pet look fabulous !


the Hair of the dog or cat is very different and the cutting process too we wash and brush our hair everyday not so for dogs .Our pets go several days or weeks without getting a thorough brushing or good washing. Dogs have that soft under coat and the outer guard hair dogs coats get tangled and matted and there may be sores or irritations hiding underneath. In addition they have ears that get infected anal glands that get full and nails that get long and rough. Just properly bathing your dog is an art takes more effort then a simple shampoo. Your pets can not tell us if something is sensitive or tender so I make sure I look for those signs or body language and always talk to the dog parent first .

Grooming dogs don't always sit still while being groomed. first we trim the feet and pads and trim nails or dremel Before we start the grooming process I do clipper work and Hand scissor cuts specializing in my unique creative techniques.

shampooing alone is an art form we look at the skin and determine the specific needs of your dog and cat how to clean I wash your dog twice the first wash is designed to get your dog clean and the second wash is designed to actually treat and condition the skin and coat. I utilize holistic all natural shampoo and conditioners in order to give each Individual dog the best spaw bath. we can reduce tangling and shedding soften and strengthen the coat and add shine.

Drying and brushing I use forced air dryers no heat to wick away moisture from the coat. Hand dry the dogs according to there needs fluff dry and hand brush removing tangles and mats prepare for there grooming .I always do what is best for your dog if mats are to severe I consult with pet parent first then I clipper them out if can not be removed by brushing.

The love is in the creative techniques and patience with each pet and being passionate in what you do.

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